About us

We offer Sarees in wholesale and in retail. We are specialized in Kora cotton sarees , Silk cotton sarees and Kerala cotton sarees. We have our manufacturing unit in Elampillai , Tamilnadu. Having experience over a decade we have decided to go wider by directly reaching the end users .


Kerala Kasavu sarees:

Kerala sarees is also called as kerala kasavu sarees. They are usually in half white sarees with zari work in cotton or silk. Kerala sari is a clothing of women in the Indian state of Kerala. It is worn as a garment that closely resembles the mundum neriyathum, though it is not considered a true mundum neriyathum by classic definition. This is because the Kerala sari consists of a single piece of cloth while a traditional mundum neriyathum consists of a two-piece cloth. Otherwise, the Kerala sari closely resembles the mundum neriyathum and is often worn by Malayali women . The kerala saree or set mundu is the cultural costume of women of the Keralites. The grace and appeal of the golden borders contrasting with the otherwise plain white mundum neryathum of Keralite women has come to symbolize Malayali women. Kerala saree / sari is worn as everyday costume and also as distinct costume on festive occasions, in which case the Kara is ornamental in couture. During the Keralite festival of onam, women of all ages wear the mundum neryathum and take part in folk dance meant only for women called kaikottikalli. The mundum neryathum for festive occasion has golden coloured borders or a broad zari border known as Kasavu, lending the costume another name of “Kasavu Saree”

Kora cotton saree and silk cotton saree:

Kora cotton and silk cotton saree is a perfect replacement for our traditional pure silk sarees. These are easy to maintain and perfect for all traditional functions and festivals. Unlike pure silk sarees these can be worn for parties or small social gatherings too.

Why us

We offer quality products directly from the manufacturing unit thus saving you the extra cost you have to pay when you shop from other online stores.